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CHIME Membership

CHIME membership is open to CIOs and senior IT leaders at healthcare related organizations. To facilitate collaboration and the development of stronger healthcare IT leaders, CHIME members are encouraged to invite qualified members of their IT team to join CHIME or become a CHIME Affiliate.

Please review the complete CHIME membership criteria for more details about the types of membership.

CHIME membership includes access to a full suite of benefits and services tailored specifically for healthcare CIOs.

CIO Membership

If you are the CIO or the highest-ranking IT executive at a healthcare related organization, you may be eligible for CHIME membership. Regional and facility-level CIOs in corporate systems are qualified to join at this level.

Full Membership
Full CHIME membership includes access to all that CHIME has to offer, including the opportunity to attend our educational programs and forums as well as access to our online resources.

Online-Only Membership
Online-only membership is available to CIOs who meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Are employed by an organization outside of the United States OR
  • Are employed by an organization with fewer than 125 beds OR
  • Are employed by an organization with less than $75 million in annual revenue
Online-only membership includes access to all of CHIME�s online resources. Online-only members are not eligible to attend our in-person educational events and forums.

CMIO/CNIO Membership
CHIME membership is also open to CMIOs, CNIOs, and/or the highest-ranking clinical informatics professionals in the medical or nursing areas of a healthcare organization. In order to qualify for membership at this level, the organization�s CIO must already be a CHIME member and he/she must provide a letter of support for the applicants membership.

Membership for Corporate Senior IT Executives (non-CIOs)
This level of CHIME membership is reserved for those applicants who are not the CIO or highest-ranking IT executive at their organization but who have significant responsibility at a large organization. Applicants at this level complete the Corporate Senior IT Executives application. In addition, the applicant’s CIO must sign a brief statement of support, as well as complete a short survey to determine whether the applicant has a sufficient level of authority within their organization (using a points-based criterion).

CHIME Affiliate Program
The CHIME Affiliate Program is for IT professionals who are on the path to becoming a CIO but have not yet reached that level. The Affiliate Program was created to support the professional development needs of future healthcare CIOs, and includes access to CHIME�s online educational programs, career support services, and other web-based resources. A complete list of benefits is available here. To qualify for the CHIME Affiliate Program, applicants must be a direct report to a CIO who is a current CHIME member.

For more information about CHIME membership, please contact

CHIME Office
Ph: (734) 665-0000
Email: membership@chimecentral.org

Please note: CHIME membership is on an approval basis. All applications are sent to the CHIME membership committee for review and approval.