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CHIME-AHA Transformational Leadership Award

Submission due by Friday, August 01, 2014

The CHIME-AHA Transformational Leadership Award honors an organization that has excelled in developing and deploying transformational information technology that improves the delivery of care and streamlines administrative services. The award is given to the organizationís Chief Information Officer and Chief Executive Officer, who recognizes the need for a strong partnership between its technology team and executive leadership.

Transformation is a fundamental change in the way an organization or community delivers and/or administers healthcare, enabled by health information technology, with documented improvement in quality, efficiency, and/or financing.


The transformation must have been large-scale, significant, and demonstrated sustainability at the memberís organization or in the community, as applicable. Examples can include deploying electronic prescribing tools, CPOE, personal health records, electronic health records, data mining, community or RHIO efforts, and others.

The organization must have documented results in quality improvement, efficiency gains, and/or positive financial returns.

The specific process changes and benefits should be replicable in other organizations.

The organizational transformation and/or results must have happened or been completed in the past year.

The CEO must validate the change, the process, the benefits, and the role of the CIO in the transformation efforts.

Application: - Apply for this award

Applicants must provide a written, detailed description of the organizational transformation, what role IT and the CIO played in that transformation, and the positive results that the change made in the organization and its delivery of quality healthcare. They must also describe how this transformation change will be maintained and why/how it is replicable in other organizations.

All entries should include a 2 paragraph executive summary, and be limited to no more than 10 pages total.

A statement/letter from the CEO that validates the organizational change, the impact, and the role played by the CIO is also required as part of the application.

Nominations - Nominate a colleague for this award

All nominees for the Award must be a current CHIME member in good standing. Nominations for this Award can come from another CHIME member, a Foundation member, or an employee from the organization that the CHIME member works for. Members can also nominate themselves for the Award by completing the application form.

If a nomination is received from someone who isnít the award candidate, the CHIME staff will contact the nominee to see if they would be like to be considered as a candidate for the award. All individuals who wish to be considered for the Award must submit a formal application to CHIME.